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Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Selfie Tripod with Fill Light for Smartphone 3-Axis a

Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Selfie Tripod with Fill Light for Smartphone 3-Axis a

SKU: f4322c87-b7dc-43ad-8a98-bbd5e4c417c1


1. When you first start using the M01 gimbal stabilizer, please check out our video. If you have any questions about our products or operation videos, please contact our customer service, we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

2. Before you use the gimbal, pleaserotate the spindle to unlock the carabiner.

1. 2023 Newest gimbal, ready to use when you turn it on.
2. Multi-functional keyboard, convert front and rear cameras with one click, switch multiple modes at will.
3. Powerful motor, supports phones up to 280g in weight, more powerful anti-shake function.
4. AI smart tracking, can be used when live broadcasting alone.
5. With beauty fill light, 3 light modes and 9 brightness levels, no worries about shooting at night.
6. Built in 3600mAh battery, up to 8 hours working time.
7. APP built-in multiple functions, like LIFE mode, gesture control, PANO CloneMe, Dyna-Zoom, timelapse, Live streaming.

Product Parameters:

Model: TOKQI M01
Support mobile phone weight: ≤280g
Support mobile phone thickness: ≤11mm
Support mobile phone width: 55~90mm
Maximum control speed: 120°/S
Battery capacity: 3600mAh
Charging time: About 3h
Work time: 8h

APP name: Gimbal Show
Support mobile phone system: Android 9.0 and above; iOS 11 and above
Bluetooth name: M01-XXXXXX
Gimbal working mode: Semi-follow, Full follow, Fully Locked, POV, Inception Space, Semi-follow Go Mode, Full follow Go Mode
Tracking Mode: Face tracking, Object tracking
Gesture Operation: YES
Selfie Stick Mode: YES
Zoom function: YES
Gesture control function: YES
Fill Light: 9 brightness

Standard Included

1 * Gimbal
1 * Tripod
1 * Charging Cable
1 * Manual
1 * Original Color Box

Will this gimbal work with my phone?

---Support mobile phone weight: ≤280g
---Support mobile phone thickness: ≤11mm
---Support mobile phone width: 55~90mm
---Support mobile phone system: Android 9.0 and above; iOS 11 and above
If your phone fit this, the gimbal will work your phone.

M01 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Easy to get started, you're better at shooting

A New Vision of Stability

Walking, running, jumping without shaking the picture.
-- 3-axis stabilization
-- Powerful motors
-- Two-handed grip for more stability

AI Intelligent Tracking

The protagonist is always in the C position, and the target can quickly resume tracking even after being briefly obscured.

Multi-Functional Keyboard

Gimbal status at a glance, easy to check power, indicator status and gimbal mode.

Eight Gimbal Modes, So Easy to Cameramoves

Inception Mode

With the cameramoves, to take the visual impact of the blockbuster.

Quickly Switch Between Landscape and Portrait

Easy switching with one click will not bump your phone.

Inverted Shot

Make fun videos with a different perspective.

Adjustable Fill Light

Daytime brightening, nighttime fill light, 3 light modes and 9 brightness levels.

8-hour Endurance

Large 3600mAh battery, up to 8 hours of working time.

Folding and Portable

Easy to carry and shoot wherever you go.

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable grip, good compatibility, steady hand without shaking.

Equipped with Tripod

Free your hands for easy shooting.

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