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EMS Neck Beauty Device LED Photon Face Beauty Device

EMS Neck Beauty Device LED Photon Face Beauty Device

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7 in 1 RF&EMS Micro Current Lifting Device:: Vibration LED Face Skin Rejuvenation

Wrinkle Remover Anti-Aging:: Wrinkle Remover Anti-Aging

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Hailicare

Model Number: Micro Current Facial Massager

Size: Micro Current Facial Massager

Material: Metal

Working Principle: vibration massage

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Standard Voltage: 110V(不含)-220V(不含)

Type: Micro Current Facial Massager

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

1. Neck beauty device that can be used on both the neck and face to effectively lift and firm the skin, reduce facial wrinkles, fine lines and neck lines, and is designed to give you a swan neck.
2. Multi-effect skin care: color light rejuvenation + sonic vibration + micro-current +constant temperature hot compress to make your skin smooth and firm.
3. Four intensity adjustments, accelerate blood circulation, promote collagen production, dredge meridians, shrink pores, and rejuvenate the skin.
Material : ABS
Wind speed : four-speed adjustable (with screen display)
Battery capacity : 450 mah
Charging time : 3 hours
Battery life: 1 to 2 hours
Product size: 73*92*100mm
Current : 5V/1A

Package Included:
1*Neck beauty device

1*USB charging cable

1*English User manual

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